Oooh! Prick of the Spindle!

I’m super excited! The new issue of Prick of the Spindle just dropped, and in it, you can find a poem AND poetry review by moi. (This marks my online review debut, too.)  I can’t wait to read the rest of the issue! 😀

[I promise, I didn’t purposefully rhyme the last few sentences above. I’m a poet. It happens naturally. Please don’t throw rocks.]

You should check out Prick of the Spindle immediately. This second. Go. Now. …And enjoy! 🙂



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6 responses to “Oooh! Prick of the Spindle!

  1. Betty and Herb Johnson

    Ooh Jen, How exciting to have another of your poems published!!! I am sooo proud of you!!! I love to read all about your life in South Korea, and read every thing that goes on both facebook, and the internet. It’s like I am living your life right along with you. I also love to see your pictures you send. What an experience, eh? Love, Grandma


  2. Karen L.

    I loved your poem. I read and re-read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep writing poetry:)
    Aunt Karen

  3. Nice! Congratulations on this accomplishment.

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