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Change in Name (and Website Domain!)

Friends, you may have noticed a certain… errr… change at the top of this website and on my bio throughout these pages. That’s right, you guessed it: I got married! Jennifer Dempsey has turned into Jennifer Voyles. I am indescribably proud and honored to bear the Voyles name. 😀

Please make sure you update the URL for my website from to For the time being, will automatically transfer you to my new web address, but I won’t be renewing after this year.

Thank you for all your love and support!



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New Poem Published in Artful Dodge

Exciting news: The latest issue of Artful Dodge includes a long poem, “Service Flag,” by yours truly!


This poem was a great departure from my typical style, voice, and work. I started it years and years ago, back in grad school, but its final form didn’t take shape until 2017. I greatly appreciate the support and guidance of Dan Bourne and the other editors at Artful Dodge— thank you so much for believing in this poem! I am immensely proud that it is included in such an incredible issue and journal. I can’t wait to read all of the amazing translations and original work in these pages!

Information on purchasing your own copy of Artful Dodge Issue 54/55 can be found here.


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