Some Exciting News!

I just received word that Prick of the Spindle [] will be publishing one of my poems in the upcoming online issue!  😀

Prick of the Spindle is a bold, stunning literary journal that really pushes the boundaries on voice, form, and image. I am deeply honored to be included on the website.

I’ll let you know when the new issue drops!


*Side note: You know the poem I mentioned in my post “Fireworks Across the Ocean,” the one I completed after arriving in South Korea? Yeah, this poem is it. Something for you to look forward to!



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5 responses to “Some Exciting News!

  1. Karen L.

    Congratulations, Jennifer!!! I can hardly wait to read your poem.

  2. Betty and Herb Johnson

    Good for you!!! How exciting to have another poem printed!!! Love you, Jen Grandma


  3. Your Proud Mama

    Soooo happy and proud of you, Jennifer Lynn! All your hard work, effort – and especially your incredible talent are being recognized and appreciated by these publications!!! =)

  4. JenDempsey

    Thanks, Mom and Grama! 😀

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