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Some Exciting News!

I just received word that Prick of the Spindle [] will be publishing one of my poems in the upcoming online issue!  😀

Prick of the Spindle is a bold, stunning literary journal that really pushes the boundaries on voice, form, and image. I am deeply honored to be included on the website.

I’ll let you know when the new issue drops!


*Side note: You know the poem I mentioned in my post “Fireworks Across the Ocean,” the one I completed after arriving in South Korea? Yeah, this poem is it. Something for you to look forward to!


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Bellingham Review!~

The latest issue of Bellingham Review, containing two poems by yours truly, is now available! 😀

Since I live, you know, on the other side of the world, I’m still waiting to receive my copies, but based on the listing of writers on the back cover, the issue will be utterly phenomenal. I cannot wait to read it!

You should probably go pick up a copy, too. Right now. 🙂

[For ordering info contact]

Bellingham Review Issue 66 Cover


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New Poems in 2013

Just got word today that two of my poems will be appearing in Bellingham Review next year!

This is my face: 😀

Fall 2012 Issue


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Promise I’ll Be Better… Plus, Fantastic Giveaway!

The title is a little bit deceiving– the giveaway isn’t mine. 😉 But if you head over to, the lovely ladies there are doing a drawing for a brand new Kindle Fire– and ooooh, baby, I want. You should want too. It’s so pretty. Check it out! The contest only runs for 12 more days, I believe, and hey, you never know….

In other news, I have failed to keep you abreast my writing habits and progress, and for that, I apologize. There *is* much to tell of late, so the next post will be a long one.

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Upon Learning My Work Was Read By Naomi Shihab Nye

… I squealed. Loudly. Hehe.

Just got the email from Ruminate Magazine that my poem “Song of Husks” is a finalist in the 2011 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize, one of 16 poems out of thousands– and yeah, I didn’t win, but holysmokesNaomiShihabNyereadmypoem! And now Ruminate is going to publish it in some as-yet-undisclosed issue.

This is my face: =D

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